Sunday, 15 June 2014

Powelly the Owl

My Big not-so-Snowy Owl

Meet my new pal, Powelly. This is my version of Purl Soho's Big Snowy Owl. I noticed this lovely owl when we were visiting Purl Soho in November 2012. He looked so cuddly and soft, and I couldn't wait to make my own version with the free pattern available on the Purl Bee.

I picked up this gorgeous Goldenrod yellow Cascade Yarn from a lovely sewing shop, Stitches, in Seattle. It was really rainy whilst we were there (pretty typical of the Pacific North West, I have since discovered!) so we went for a look in some craft shops to keep dry and warm. I chose this wool partly because of the name and our proximity to the Cascades, but also because the skein was so big for the price! The lovely ladies in the shop wound the wool up for me so that it was ready to use. 

Cascade Eco+ Yarn in Goldenrod
I love this pattern because it's quite testing at the beginning: it was the first time that I had used double-pointed needles to actually knit in the round. Once you get the past the bottom, it's really quick and I really like the pattern that is created by the purl stitches on the body. 

As I didn't want to invest in lots of different balls of yarn, I decided to knit the eyes in one colour. This made it quite straight forward, although they came out different sizes! I struggled with the instructions for the nose, so kind of just made up my own version. It's not brilliant but as it is the same colour, I don't think it shows too much. 

The buttons and stuffing came from a brilliant organisation that I have been volunteering with: Our Social Fabric. They collect unwanted textiles and notions from all over the Lower Mainland and then sell them at monthly sales, preventing the items going to landfill. 

I've named the owl Powelly because we live just off Powell Street! 

In other non-craft related news, we've been doing lots of exploring in Vancouver with my in-laws and a friend who both visited in May. We've been really lucky with the weather over the last month, so we've been able to spend lots of time outside wondering round. I love being in Stanley Park or at one of the city's beaches. 

Girl in a Wetsuit, Stanley Park
Stanley Park Totem
English Bay Inukshuk
There are so many cool neighbourhoods that it's going to be tricky to decide where to live when we move out of our current place at the end of July. We'll miss the view, especially when the sun is setting like this (no filter I promise)!):

Sunset over the North Shore.

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