Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Negroni for Andy

alt="Colette Negroni"
Andy and his Negroni
Ever since I first discovered Colette Patterns I have wanted to make Andy a Negroni shirt. However, I was always a little unsure if he would like it, and I also wasn't sure if I wanted to put so much effort into making something that he might not even wear! 

I was really excited when I downloaded the PDF version of the pattern and first read the instructions. There were quite a few new techniques to try in this pattern, such as the sleeve plackets and the double yoke, which I was looking forward to. I also really wanted to finish this pattern in the allotted week time frame that I had given myself, whilst not trying to rush it and ruin it so this was a new challenge for me as well. I quite often get frustrated when clothes take more than double the time to finish then I imagine that they will! Sometimes I wish I could knock up an item a day! All in all this shirt took me two afternoons and three evenings to make (I'm not sure how many hours!).

alt="Colette Negroni"
Blue linen Negroni with button-down collar
For the fabric, we braved Dressew in the run-up to Halloween (which was a bit of a nightmare, even for me!) and Andy picked out the blue linen fabric. He now has about six blue shirts, but this was obviously a good sign as it means he likes them! I know the number as I spent many minutes examining how each of them was made as research. 

I made Andy a small, which is almost the perfect size without any alterations. The only place where it is a bit snug, I am told, is under the arms, but other than that the fit is pretty much the same as all of Andy's other shirts. Yay for not much alteration!

alt="Colette Negroni"
Negroni back (with creases!)
The instructions for the Negroni are brilliant, and the only place that I had a bit of doubt was when sewing the two yokes together. I had to ask Andy to come and read the instructions to ensure that I was about to sew it together correctly, and afterwards I was just mesmerized at how it worked. 

Sewing the sleeves was a bit more stressful as this fabric doesn't have a right or wrong side - they are exactly the same. I sewed one of the sleeve plackets on the wrong side so I had to start again with one side which meant that the shirt took me an extra evening to make. But this was the only real issue that I had with the whole shirt, and I think that this just wouldn't happen if I had used a different fabric, but I have also learnt my lesson for next time! 

alt="Colette Negroni"
Negroni with button-down collar
I used some buttons from an old shirt that Andy had decided to retire after wearing pretty much once a week since we left the UK. I think that they go with the fabric really well. Andy requested a button-down collar, and I think that it looks really good. I'd already made the button loop and sewn it in, but I think that it just looks like an extra little feature. I'd probably leave this out next time and just put in an additional button hole at the top. 

alt="Colette Negroni"
Colette Negroni
All in all, I would say that this project was a success and I will definitely make the shirt again. And Andy is actually wearing it so that is a bonus. It's made me want to make myself a shirt using some of the techniques that I've learnt, and I've already got my eye on this Grainline Studio button up shirt and/or this Pattern Runway Pussy Bow Blouse - just need to keep my out for the perfect fabric. 

These photos were taken today in Vanier Park in Vancouver. It's been a gorgeous crispy Fall day. It has been a bit chilly, which explains the creased shirt as it was under Andy's coat, but lovely and sunny. I love this area of Vancouver as you can see the mountains, sea and city - what more could we need?

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